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An early arrival will give you plenty of time to get through customs, grab your baggage, stop at duty-free save money on much cheaper alcohol , get your rental car or find your private shuttle, arrive at your vacation villa, and still have some of your first day to enjoy. The key is to get a few hours of sleep, so bring a sleeping mask, ear plugs, or a sleep aid to make that happen.

Try to avoid arrivals or departures at rush hour. The best strategy is to arrive late morning to midafternoon and depart midafternoon or after rush hour. San Jose airport SJO is very easy to navigate. When you get off the plane, follow the clearly posted signs first to Immigration then to the customs agents.

Someone will be there to guide you. There are two lines, one for nationals of Costa Rica and a second for everyone else.

Make sure to wait in the right line. A customs agent will call you to a window. The customs agent asks you some questions about your trip or where you will be going. Be patient if the line is long and always be nice no matter how tired you might be. Usually, this line goes quickly and very smoothly. A short walk down a hallway from customs is baggage claim. Like most airports, look for the carousel with your flight number on it and wait for your luggage to come out.

There are luggage porters who help you carry your luggage for a tip. Super-secret insider tip shhh : if you hire a porter it will also streamline your customs experience. Customs agents are reluctant to tear through luggage handled by porters as it may affect their tip. Having a vacation rental home in a foreign country means I often bring back several household items I can get cheaper in the U.

The porter puts my heavy bags on the conveyor belt, reloads them onto his cart, and wheels the whole shebang outside. Baggage claim is small and very easy to get around.

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We suggest if you want to have any favorite alcohol on hand, you should buy it at duty-free. I prefer the second duty-free shop after baggage claim. The first duty-free shop is normally packed elbow-to-elbow room because everyone instinctively goes to what they see first. On the other side are the kiosks for rental car companies.

The airport is tiny, so the rental car lots are located off-site. Be warned! There are a ton of taxi drivers and people bidding for your attention and business. There are people who will let you make a call on their cell phones. Tip more if they help you a lot. By now you may be ready to book your flight for your Costa Rica adventure.

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No wonder. The medical industry has changed drastically since the horse and buggy days when the local Doc would ride out to your log cabin to deliver a baby. They are no longer about finding cures but rather about treating symptoms that keep you hooked on high-cost meds that only mask the problem. Their bottom line is profit, not your health. What if remedies for some of your ailments are just steps away, right in your own kitchen or right around the corner at your local grocery store? For thousands of years cultures around the world have relied on herbs and natural remedies to heal themselves.

My great-grandfather was a curandero folk healer , and as a year-old child I remember watching people line up outside his front door in El Paso, Texas to seek help for their ailments. Herbs and plants were his mainstay and people always walked away with genuine gratitude. David, my husband of 44 years, and I love to eat healthy food. As it turns out, Costa Rica is a Garden of Eden full of medicinal plants and herbs.

Guess what? You may already have several Costa Rican medicinal plants on hand. People either love it or hate it. As a Mexican, I grew up eating cilantro in countless savory dishes. They both grow wild all over Costa Rica and are packed full of antioxidants, an effective cleanser that hugely benefits the digestive system. Cilantro actively treats stomach ailments such as a pesky upset stomach and even more severe conditions such as diarrhea and vomiting.

Casa Suenos (TTT Property #T650) - Manzanillo, Mexico

The preparation is simple, just make a tea and sip it. For prevention and pleasure, toss cilantro into a variety of dishes including veggies, rice, guacamole, pasta, salsa, soups or tacos. Ginger is a magical herb with many applications.

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Ginger is chock full of antiviral and antibacterial properties to help prevent infections. Slice it and steep in hot water to make a tea or toss it into your next Asian dish. For a sore throat, suck on a piece of peeled ginger for soothing relief. My friend drinks ginger tea as a substitute for coffee and it puts pep in her step. Use ginger to prevent or heal from a cold or the flu.

It has been known to cure kidney and bladder issues, morning sickness, and motion sickness. I suffer from seasickness and feel nauseous even on land when someone does that wavy thing with their hand while talking about seasickness.

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I also get sympathetic seasickness. Ginger is my trusted companion whenever I set foot on a boat. I chew on slices of raw ginger root and it works every time. A cup of shredded ginger in a hot bath is a favorite for body and mind. Oh, the fragrance is delightful, and it will leave you feeling recharged and invigorated. Mint not only smells and tastes good, but it has medicinal properties too.

Steep mint leaves in hot water and drink it as a hot or cold tea.

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Mint helps prevent cavities and is found in mouthwash recipes dating back centuries. Mint contains menthol oil that calms the nerves, keeps a balance of good bacteria in your digestive system, and aids in overall digestive health. A favorite here in Costa Rica is lemonade blended with ice and mint. Does this surprise you? It turns out one of my favorite smoothie ingredients is incredibly good for you, like a medicine. Pineapples are a terrific source of Vitamins A, B, and C. If you suffer from arthritis or Inflammation, blend up a pineapple smoothie to ease the discomfort.

A pineapple smoothie is super after a hard workout at the gym. It boosts the immune system and cuts recovery time.