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James was forced to work to support her family and retired from the British Home Office in She cared for her husband until his death in , at 44, from what she said was a toxic combination of alcohol and drugs. She said it was likely a suicide. She seldom talked about her marriage, but she wore her wedding ring for the rest of her life. With her ambition to write deferred by caring for her ill husband, Ms.

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The young woman, a single mother, had been drugged and strangled, and Scotland Yard was called in. Dalgliesh, named after one of Ms. More Dalgliesh novels followed, but Ms. James also wrote two mysteries featuring the character of Cordelia Gray. Later in her career, Ms. Several of the Dalgliesh novels have also been made for television. Among many other honors, Ms. Darcy is interrupted by a murder plot. In a sense, detective novels are like 20th-century morality plays; the values are basic and unambiguous. The Ratcliffe Highway Murders - scritto con T. In Italia i suoi libri sono pubblicati da Fanucci e Mondadori.

E' inoltre autrice di romanzi di suspense caratterizzati da un profondo scavo nella psicologia dei personaggi; tra questi "A judgement in stone" , traduzione italiana "La morte non sa leggere", e "Live flesh" , traduzione italiana "Carne viva", , da cui sono stati tratti film di successo.

Nata il 17 febbraio a Londra come Ruth Barbara Grasemann, ha vissuto a lungo nella campagna del Suffolk, dove ha ambientato gran parte dei suoi libri gialli. Best-selling crime writer Ruth Rendell died today aged 85, publisher said Author is known for her series of novels featuring Chief Inspector Wexford Comes months after she was hospitalised following a 'serious stroke'.

Celebrated crime writer Ruth Rendell, one of Britain's best-loved authors, has died at the age of Best known for her creation Inspector Wexford, which was turned into a highly successful TV series, Rendell had been admitted to hospital after a serious stroke in January.

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The author delighted fans with her dark crime novels, and also wrote psychological crime thrillers under the pen name Barbara Vine. She penned more than 60 novels in her extraordinary year career, generating global sales of about 60 million copies. Her last book, The Girl Next Door, was published last year along with a 50th anniversary edition of her debut novel, From Doon With Death, published in , and in which Inspector Wexford made his debut.

But the author had no plans to retire and her next book, Dark Corners, was due to be published this October. The family have requested privacy,' the statement said. Penguin Random House chair, Baroness Gail Rebuck, said Rendell was 'an insightful and elegant observer of society, many of her award-winning thrillers and psychological murder mysteries highlighted the causes that she cared so deeply about'.

But even when she worked as a reporter, on her local paper in Essex, the Chigwell Times, she delighted in making up stories.

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She visited a house rumoured to be haunted and invented the ghost of an old woman. The owners of the property threatened to sue the paper for devaluing their home. Her novels cover topics from racism to domestic violence, and, as her friend and fellow novelist Jeanette Winterson once said, have been 'a major force in lifting crime writing out of airport genre fiction and into both cutting-edge and mainstream literature'.

Her books have been published around the world and printed in more than 20 languages The author made her name with her Inspector Wexford novels, starting with 's From Doon with Death. The author, left in , made her name with her Inspector Wexford novels, starting with 's From Doon with Death.

Her books have been published around the world and printed in more than 20 languages On screen: Her final novel, Dark Corners, is set to be published in October Rendell said: The old detective story that's got a really complicated tortuous motive doesn't apply to mine. It's that people do these things almost by accident, or because of anger, their rage, their madness — and then probably regret it. Two years ago, she said: I wait until I've got a character and I think why would anybody do that, what is it in their background that makes them do it?

A Labour peer, Rendell helped to pass a law preventing girls being sent abroad for female genital mutilation. She was regularly in the Lords, and until her stroke this year had proudly proclaimed: She is survived by her son Simon.

She and her husband Don divorced in but remarried two years later. Don died in from prostate cancer.

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Author Ruth Rendell was renowned for Inspector Wexford. An amazingly versatile writer, who sold more than 60 million books, she managed to be both one of the genre's greatest traditionalists and one of its great innovators. Her series of Inspector Wexford detective stories picked up the legacy of the golden age crime writers, Agatha Christie et al, and gently led the genre into the modern world, in turn inspiring writers such as Colin Dexter and Ian Rankin.

The long-running TV series cemented the stories' place in the public's affections. Her parallel career, writing psychological crime thrillers, made her the literary godmother to the likes of Gone Girl author Gillian Flynn. Ruth Rendell was born Ruth Grasemann in After school she went straight to work as a reporter on her local paper, the Chigwell Times. Ebooks and Manuals

Rendell, pictured left and in her robes as a Labour peer, gave large amounts to charity She famously lost her job after reporting on a tennis club dinner that she had failed to attend unfortunately thus failing to notice that the after-dinner speaker had died halfway through his speech. However the job did introduce her to her future husband, Don Rendell, who she married in Three years later they had a son, Simon.

Later on they were to briefly divorce then remarry, living together in Rendell's beloved Suffolk until Don's death from cancer in Really though, Rendell's was a writing life. It could hardly be otherwise, given that she wrote more than 70 novels and collections of short stories, including 24 Inspector Wexfords.

The setting was the fictional Suffolk market town of Kingsmarkham, and her central character, Chief Inspector Reginald Wexford, was depicted as a stolid, decent man, an unchanging figure at a time of great social change. Rendell was made a Labour life peer in and for many years attended the house with her contemporary - and political opponent - PD James, and supported a number of causes.

Rendell was made a Labour life peer in and for many years attended the house with her contemporary - and political opponent - PD James left, with Rendell , and supported a number of causes. The series steadily gained readers and the only surprise is that it took until before Wexford finally made it to the small screen, brilliantly brought to life by the actor George Baker. The series, known as The Ruth Rendell Mysteries, ran until Meanwhile Rendell widened her ambitions, writing a series of intensely memorable psychological thrillers, often set in unglamorous suburbs of London, such as Willesden or Finsbury Park, and featuring some of the most disturbingly believable psychopaths ever created.

Tellingly, while the Wexford novels felt right at home on ITV, the psychological thrillers, like A Judgement In Stone with its amazingly audacious opening line: By the mid s, Rendell's literary ambitions had grown to the point where she decided to develop an upmarket alter ego, Barbara Vine, to produce a series of novels, such as A Dark-Adapted Eye, that allowed her to give full rein to her interest in the psychological elements of crime as opposed to the simple whodunnit.

Rendell was by now recognised as the mistress of the 'whydunit'. Ruth Rendell on her and Inspector Wexford's love of opera. By the 90s, a growing interest in politics started to become apparent in her work, with a frequent foregrounding of green and anti-racist issues. She became a major donor to the Labour Party and in she was made a life peer, Baroness Rendell of Babergh.

She sat on the Labour benches and played an active role in politics, including the introduction into the Lords of a bill to outlaw female genital mutilation. It's sadly appropriate that these two grandes dames should have died within six months of each other. However Rendell's legacy is assured: Autrice di best-seller polizieschi, del mistero e romanzi psicologici, condivide con la buona amica e scrittrice P.

James l'appellativo di "regina del crimine". Nel ventenne sposa il giornalista Donald Rendell dal quale tre anni dopo ebbe il suo unico figlio. To track down sources — especially if quoted indirectly or, even worse, wrongly — is always a difficult and laborious task, and it is an area where only great erudition can make strides.

Italian Bookshelf and emblematic literature both combine images and words , not to mention her detailed knowledge of ancient and modern art. So much erudition does not distract from her intelligent insights into problems of poetics and questions of mythology or history, which continuously surface in her commentary. Thanks to an exemplary combination of erudition and critical intelligence, Sonia Maffei brings to light the real Iconologia, its experimentation with a new language, erudition, and unique ability to appeal to a vast public for centuries to come.

The learned world can today be thankful to her for being able to read this unique work as the author intended. Much gratitude goes also to Paolo Procaccioli, an excellent philologist, who guaranties the accuracy of the text using philological judgment in making some well justified emendations and slightly updating its orthography. Procaccioli provides a list and bibliographic description of all the editions published before , adding in each case indication of the world libraries where they can be consulted.

Sonia Maffei creates the indexes which facilitate the consultation of this edition. We must thank the two experts who have made this miraculous revival possible. A Pastoral Play with facing English verse translations and three essays that place the two seminal works into the context of their contributions to the development of Italian opera. The authors state in the Preface that they wanted to offer these two fundamental texts in new dual-language translations for anyone who is interested in the history of theatre, opera, entertainment, or pastoral poetry.

Poliziano Angelo Ambrogini 94 was the author of the first non-religious dramatic piece in Italian theatrical literature? This work was not translated into English until by Elizabeth Bassett Welles, who used unrhymed iambic pentameter.

Although Tasso claimed it was hastily written, Aminta quickly established itself as one of the masterpieces of Italian theatre of the Renaissance. As Brand points out, pastoral drama could easily be performed with music, song and dance, and it did not need elaborate stage settings. The suspense was maintained by reports about the lovers, and the audience was further entertained by references to contemporary figures of the court.