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Try as I might, I could not find anything in its pages to merit the glowing praise this book has received. Gould might be a good blogger, but to compare her to Sylvia Plath is just plain wrong.

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She lives in New York City with her family. And the Heart Says Whatever.

Publisher Description

Emily Gould. Essays by former editor of Gawker.

Bestselling Series

In And the Heart Says Whatever, Emily Gould tells the truth about becoming an adult in New York City in the first decade of the twenty-first century, alongside bartenders, bounty hunters, bloggers, bohemians, socialites, and bankers. These are essays about failing at pet parenthood, suspending lust during the long moment in which a dude selects the perfect soundtrack from his iTunes library, and leaving one life behind to begin a new one but still taking the G train back to visit the old one sometimes.

For everyone who has ever had a job she wishes she didn't, felt inchoate ambition sour into resentment, ended a relationship, regretted a decision, or told a secret to exactly the wrong person, these stories will be achingly familiar. At once a road map of what not to do and a document of what's possible, this book heralds the arrival of a writer who decodes the new challenges of our post-private lives, and the age-old intricacies of the human heart.

And the Heart Says Whatever

Photo not optional. But she makes no claim to generational anything. The essays are concerned almost exclusively with events taking place in or around her own heart. After nearly a decade of New York life she is sadder but, she insists, no wiser. I would do it all again.

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Is there nothing she would reconsider? At times she comes across, confusingly, as a character in a coming-of-age novel — but alas, no novelist arrives to explain her to herself. Still, her voice is sweet and searching, often untangling complicated moods, like that adolescent combination of ennui and fierce sexual longing.

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As a release from the tedium of her low-level publishing job, she starts a blog about her life. That helps her get hired at the gossip site Gawker.

"Book review: And the heart says whatever"

The new gig thrills her, especially the ease it allows her, finally, at parties, and the micro-celebrity her writing brings, with its mix of knowing jabs at powerful people and self-revelation. But churning out Gawker posts takes its toll. Her panic attacks worsen. She cheats on her live-in boyfriend, Joseph, then breaks up with him, then blogs about it.

She is still anxious and depressed.

http://senrei-exorcism.com/images/easy/best-cellphone-track-software-galaxy-note-7.php She seems always in need of a hug. Is it a stand in solidarity with her passed-over high school self, designed to show indifference to the kind of East Coast institutional prestige that had eluded her earlier? Or maybe she is trying to erase the whole Times Magazine experience, which ended in a barrage of nasty online comments and a final estrangement from Joseph.