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She still fails and makes mistakes, but she constantly grows. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. Fictional character from the American television supernatural drama Charmed. Main article: List of Charmed episodes. Main articles: List of Charmed books and Charmed comic book. Special: The Women of Charmed Transcript".

Special: The Women of Charmed. Charmed Scripts fansite. Retrieved 16 September Lucas, Michael February 3, Los Angeles Times. Retrieved October 10, Retrieved 14 September Adam Reisinger. Retrieved 25 September TV Tango. Archived from the original on September 5, Nickelodeon Kids' Choice Awards. February 8, AOL TV. Retrieved October 21, Archived from the original on September 3, Archived from the original on June 3, Retrieved October 5, DVD Verdict. Retrieved October 22, Daily Mail. September 3, Archived from the original on June 23, Comic Mix.

Virgin Media. Retrieved October 28, Retrieved 28 October Original series — Reboot series —present. Original series Season 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 Comics and novels and short stories Season 9 10 Reboot series Season 1 2. Categories : Charmed TV series characters Female characters in television Fictional characters with precognition Fictional empaths Fictional Jeet Kune Do practitioners Fictional Shaolin kung fu practitioners Fictional kickboxers Charmed TV series witches Fictional writers Fictional characters introduced in Fictional demon hunters Fictional characters from San Francisco Fictional college students.

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Namespaces Article Talk. Views Read Edit View history. By using this site, you agree to the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy. Charmed character. October 7, episode 1. May 21, episode 8. Cole Turner ex-husband; deceased Dex Lawson ex-husband Coop —present. Charmed One, Witch , Empath.

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  7. Premonitions Levitation Empathy Pathokinesis. Penny Halliwell grandmother; deceased Allen Halliwell grandfather; deceased. A comment on editing, grammar and spelling easily corrected by reviewing before submission. Amazing story of untold secrets of the Dream World. These secrets were the Key to unlock reality with Dreams that cannot come true, but sometimes do.

    James Mason

    Abstract thinking, believing in a new life is the dream all who age, wish to carry into the world of reality. Being Dead, or Alive is the question of Jon, and those that carried his body to the Coroners operating table. This is the point where life and Death become reversed, and the abstract moment of Death becomes life. Within three milliseconds after Death, the Brain continues functioning, then dies, along with the body. This story is that of the last seconds left in the brain, and what is seen, what is told, what is or is not, Abstract. It is now up to the reader to interpret the meaning of this story, and what is real, the schizoid friends, the Undertaker, his Shadows and of course, the Crypt at the end A story for all to read and some to experience the reality of the World of Dreams This review is on one short chapter, and if Zack wishes, i hope he does, continue to have more laughter in your story like the Dancing at the Wedding The story is in progress, I presume and look forward to reading it once you have it in the final stages of completion You will someday bring laughter to the world which is much needed in this day and age M Ortega, congrats on your publishing deal.

    I enjoyed this book immensely, until I reached chapter 6 with no continuation of the story, rather a promotion for Amazon to download your book. So on a serious note, your writing skills are superb, your creativity superb, the plot still not quite known, as I can imagine some twists coming in future chapters. I understand why your published. Good Story line with the Plot following in line. Your Character development and surrounding incedenial surroundings well described.

    I understand your point, for further expression, however, your story will suffer as the readers tries to assimilate the digression from the main theme, while continuing with the story. Grammar is a bit rough in part and perhaps taking the time to edit your work will eliminate this minor issue Magemaymachine: enjoyed your work, and good to see Sam, Dean and Bobby, Elena back in vogue From all of us SuperNatural fan's I actually enjoyed your writing style and how you pulled all the ingredients in the story perfectly blended and easily understood.

    You might want to give some time to describing your characters a bit more, also some info on the the transporting witch, who is now the best cook in the Galaxy. The details can come a bit later, as your story progress's rapidly and is well constructed Interesting take off of the Arabian Nights If I may, perhaps describing Naruto and the Genie, the location Naruto is currently occupying, Describe the Genie and her World, which will breath life into the story, as the plot is being constructed.

    81 books for summer reading in

    Naruto enters the book, and begins to travel to the World of Genie. The Ring being described would also bring some reality to your book, as most readers would be interested in what might be inscribed on this magic Genie ring, the color, is it gold or? You have a good story, with a little massaging, you will make it a great story I have read some of your other work, so make this one as amazing as your other stories Honey Emily May I make a few suggestions.

    Setting the location, the stage where this sewer confrontation is about to take place, the reason it's about to take place, the characters, who are the players in this game, names, descriptions, who the players are and why they are in the sewer waiting for you. Writing is like a movie Alan, I realize your story is forming. May I make some suggestions. Set the stage your characters are existing within The location, the terrain, name of the people occupying the land where this story is taking place Describe weapons, animals, etc. Remember, this is your work, treat it like GOLD. You have a lot to share to the world You have laid out the Start of good Story, Being that there is little Character descriptions other than the husband being out of work and a abusive Drunk, Rebecca finds out her husband is also a liar Erik lives.

    Now working in a hospital, in long island, New York, the journey of the Mother living alone is about to bring your story to a starting point for a good plot. Remember to take the time to describe your surroundings, your characters, the plot and direction of your story I would like to continue reading your book when completed Kei, this is actually a conversation more than a story. There is not plot and the end result is two women friends, or lovers, are making plans for Dinner, of a sort, if you will I have published 9 books, and can only give you my perspective on how to set up your story to be heard, understood and followed through out its inception Also, editing your work before you submit will help eliminate any errors for your readers to dismiss Stay positive Kei, and continue your writing.

    I believe in you and know you will work out the kinks and become famous one day My Best. Interesting story, a bit confusing though. If I understand, Mike killed several kids to make the robots, who have been sleeping for quite some time The interesting part of the story, is putting the pieces of the pizzeria with Mike, the time line since the 2nd world war and the latter part of the 60's, then here we are, today Review your work before submission, for grammar, puchtuation and sentence structure I Compliment you on your creativity with past and futuristic beings about to be awakened on planet Earth?

    Voices in My Head

    You have a creative nitch, that will serve you well, so continue with your writing skills and wow the world You are a good Story teller. I enjoyed the inner action of the students soon to pass their test to become ninja's. The Story was a bit confusing at times, but the ending summed up the moments of confusion.

    I suggest you edit your writing before submitting for grammar and punctuation.

    Also, mixing languages can cause confusion, to the reader, who does not understand Japanese or vice versa, English.. Be that as it may, this is your story, and you have a good start on finishing it Maxine , interesting and original. The Story and plot were a bit muddled but not to worry Interesting use of writing skills in the bar scene, at the opening of your story, to give the flavor that the two characters were blitzed I enjoyed your creativity and fine writing It is written in the abstract, so have fun Who cannot love the story of Peter Pan and his escapades?

    Well written, fun, adventurous and creative perspective of the original story. This rendition is excellent and a compliment to this Author Writing skills are excellent, grammar and punctuation perfect, even with the Pirate inflections, the plot and Story very well executed Abstract writing of the presence of Dead and life Ana, very original story, emotional and loving as Mattie cuddles her phone, where she visits, school or home or where ever, I should imagine, and when she prepares to take the dog for a walk, she charges the main character in this story, her phone, and leaves the house Finding her companion, the phone, she cries in relief and joy for the inanimate object with deep love and compassion The Phone does the same Well done Ana.

    Keep up the excellent original works, please Ana, I suggest you continue your writing. Your creativity is real good, you begin and end with unanswered situations, leaving the reader wanting more The grammar, punctuation, writing skills were excellent Ana.

    Carolyn Wells

    Good work, hopefully with more to follow Originality is a rare but highly desired commodity. Work a bit on the sentence structure and Grammar Silvia, thank you so much for sharing your thoughts, experiences and soul with the world. I wish you the best on your continued journey in self expression, reaching your journeys goals and finding the answers that all life is searching for and then, through life itself, the end is now, just the beginning Sometimes a flower blooms when a person least expects One thought if i may This also can help on the style of writing to enhance your points of view for the reader to fall in love with your works.

    DCI Shakespeare

    Thank you for sharing your thoughts, memories, pain and joy Review my book. Take care. Three main Characters, Matthew, Alfred and Ivan. The story is controlled in one room basically, the living room, with the three friends deciding which movie they wanted to watch.

    As they were deciding on movies, it was time for a popcorn contest of throwing a kernal in the air, by the sender, to the receiver to catch I suggest you work on your editing, spelling and use of the proper word you want part of editing , before you submit your stories Dead or Alive Valerie, liked your story immensely.